Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Welcome - Week 14

Originally, I thought I might make this a chronology of Elsa's life in general, but someone brought it to my attention I should probably journal on our work toward her becoming a PSD. We are in Alabama, USA, so make sure you check your area's laws/certification requirements before setting out on this journey.

I haven't managed to find anything else like this, so I am going to do it in case it helps someone else manage to train a pup to help them with their psychiatric disability.

Each week I will post our training report and in between I will get photos/anecdotes posted.

To start with, here are some websites you may want to check out: (They have an extensive psych task list and really good info on minimum training requirements) (If you are interested in going through the Canine Good Citizen test before the public access test, you can find trainers on here) (Info on the public access test)

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