Friday, August 8, 2014

Hi I'm Idgie! I Like Squeaky Toys and Snuggles. =)

Idgie is available for adoption through Bama Bully!

So, a full two weeks have passed and we are all slowly learning Idgie and her quirks. She has been the sweetest, most obedient dog since she has come to stay with me! She comes any time she is called and sits anytime I can get her attention long enough to tell her to. She adapts really well to whatever situation she is presented with and is very careful when she gets startled to look to me for instruction.

She adores squeaky toys and has the best wiggly butt when I start squeaking them!! She likes to chew and "borrowed" Elsa's antler... which reminds me, it is time to go buy a couple more...

When I first got Idgie, I was surprised at how much she loved to snuggle! She enjoys curling up with me while I'm reading or napping. It's fantastic since Elsa is still young and would rather spend time playing and bouncing around. 

Idgie is really good at making me feel safe on walks. She barks when she sees a new person, but will immediately quit when I whistle. She loves to chase cars, but will quickly redirect when you remind her she doesn't need to. I love the terrier in her because she runs ahead a little bit and then circles back around and twirls on her leash. I wish I had a video! It is so cute!!! 

She has had some supervised playtime with Elsa and it has gone rather well. At first, Elsa wasn't sure about Idgie, but Idgie was patient with Elsa's puppy play and they've begun to like each other. Now they can play together along with Britta and it's already been a good experience!!

I am surprised people aren't already scrambling to adopt Idgie, but if you want to meet her in person, she will be at Avondale Brewery for Beer, Bands, and Bullies August 16!!!

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  1. I've met her and she is a sweetie, easy going and lovable.