Monday, July 7, 2014

DIY Budget Dog Toys

Someone was talking about trying to get toys on a budget for their dog.  I will always and forever recommend BarkBox to anyone who will listen, but I understand sometimes that $20/month may not be feasible, whether unexpected vet bills came into the picture or whatnot.

So here are some ideas for dog toys that can be useful:

1. Water Bottle (with no cap!) inside of a Sock.  I up the ante on this one and put a little kibble in the bottle.  The rattle and crinkle sounds are fantastic.

2. Rope Toys.  As long as you use the correct kind (no flame retardants!), paracord can be woven into fantastic rope toys for pups.  There are a lot of knot designs for rope toys.  Here is one that is a ball that is amazingly fun!

3. Tennis Balls.  There are a thousand things you can do with tennis balls.  I like to take old dishrags, cut holes in the ball, and push the rag through.  It makes a great tug toy!  You can also use them for makeshift puzzle toys.

4. UN-stuffed animals.  Go to goodwill.  Buy a stuffed animal and open it along a seam.  Pull out the stuffing (add a squeaker or some cellophane for crackle noises?) and sew up the toy.

5. Stuffed fabric scraps. Jeans are a good choice for this.  Sew edges together with a thick thread (like embroidery) and stuff it with other scraps or stuffing.

6. Mini see-saw. All it takes is a piece of PVC pipe nailed to a wooden board.  This can be fun if you do agility or want to get your puppy used to some basic agility equipment.

7. PVC pipe. A few pieces of this can make a puzzle toy or several different types of agility equipment.

Remember: always supervise your dog when playing with toys!  Especially if they are heavy chewers.

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