Saturday, July 5, 2014

Service Dogs for Adults

Adults with psychiatric disabilities need assistance too!

Somehow in our quest to make sure every child with special needs grows up in the best environment possible, we have forgotten the harsh reality that hits when they hit 18-20 years old: now they are an adult.  Not only do they have to go through a lot of the same changes other young adults are facing, they have an entire list of extra struggles that they are dealing with.

A lot of the help and support they received growing up is gone.  Fewer people are understanding of their condition; fewer organizations are there to support them into this sudden transition; fewer options are available to assist them with their necessary accommodations.  It's a terribly scary world out there when everything is going your way... and when things aren't lining up for you, the adult world can be devastating.

We need to start a second wave of these special needs organizations for young post-secondary aged special needs students.  Service dog, education, job training, etc.  Special needs doesn't mean incapable and the world needs to begin seeing that.  The more we help those who need accommodations, the better everyone's lives will be!

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