Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Support Your Local Animal Charity: the Easy Way

While nervously awaiting Elsa's new cousin (a.k.a. my new foster dog), I've been researching different ways to support local charities.  Now that I will have a second furbaby, I am going to be limited in the money that I can donate outright.  I will continue to volunteer at the Humane Society, but I also started researching simple ways to support the rescue I am fostering through.  Here are a few really easy tips for giving back without investing a large portion of your time or

1. Amazon Smile: When shopping on Amazon, use and choose your favorite charity through their site.  Each purchase you make, they donate 10% to the charity you pick.

2. Woof Trax: Download the Walk for a Dog app and choose your local shelter.  Every mile you walk, they donate a certain amount.

3. Keep a shelter donations box: Old towels and blankets, bowls, newspaper, papertowels, coupons for pet items... there are a thousand different items that your local shelter can use that you would have otherwise thrown away.

4. BOGO and other sales: watch Publix and other stores with really good sales.  Every once in awhile they will put cat and dog food, treats, or toys on a very good sale.  Pickup a bag of food or a toy to add to your shelter box.

5. Follow them on social media: start "liking" and sharing their posts.  Invite friends to their fundraising events.  Share a post with a newly adoptable animal.

6. Bookmark GoodSearch: use Goodsearch every time you search for something online and gain a penny for your rescue each time!  They also have surveys and other things you can use to raise money.

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