Saturday, July 26, 2014

Meet Idgie!!!

As some of you who are closer to me are aware, I applied through Bama Bully Rescue to foster a dog.  I was nervous about it since I live in a smaller space, but they approved me and the home visit went well!  I was impressed with the way the group is run and I'm super excited to be a part of this.
I'm not allowed to have pitties where I am staying (I'm still confused about this since Elsa is a half-pitbull...), so instead of the girl I initially applied for, they placed Idgie with me.  She's a bull terrier about the same size as Elsa and Britta, has a high energy level that will match them well, and gets along with dogs and children really well. 
I have spent all week studying what you should be doing as a foster parent.  Socialization, training, marketing, etc...

Yeah, I was nesting...

So, Friday the 25th rolls around... I've bought a slo-feeder bowl that is slightly different from my baby's but it seems like a good one, I've bought a couple of toys, more have been ordered online, she's signed up for a BarkBox, and they're even sending her a toy ahead of time!  I've talked with her last foster family a few times and know how fantastic she is.  I'm going through the typically pointless nervous thought process I have, "Will she like me?  What if she just hates living with me?  What if she doesn't like my neighborhood?  What if she hates the food I have?  What if Elsa gets upset that she's here? What if Elsa likes her but Britta doesn't?!...". I'm ready to hunker down for the two week shut-down/bonding period that we are expected to go through as foster parents and it is time to go pick Idgie up.
I met Bethany (her last foster mom) in Pelham to pick her up.  Idgie is a lot less shy than I was expecting!!!  She jumped straight into my vehicle and was obviously excited about getting to go on a car ride.  She was comfortable with the harness I used to strap her in, and she seemed to enjoy the ride home.  She panicked slightly when Bethany and her family drove off, but quickly recovered.

Idgie seemed to handle the new surroundings pretty well.  We had a few moments of panic with the crate, but with some basic crate instruction (a.k.a. bribing with treats for short times in the crate), she seems to have calmed down and accepted it, albeit reluctantly.

There was some concern that Nick would make her uncomfortable. Despite her being startled when he walked in the door (he IS 6'2" and built like a definsive end after all...), she took to him almost instantly!!!

Elsa was overexcited, so we let them meet under very supervised playtime. They did well!

Idgie is a complete snuggle bunny!!  I was so surprised to find out she loves to curl up with you on the couch. =)  She has no problems with me scratching her ears or rubbing her belly or patting her tail.  She comes to you anytime she hears her name.  I'm already in love and it has been only 24 hours!!!

Anyone who is interested in Idgie can apply at  Look for future updates on the blog!!


  1. SQUEEEEE! I just read through this after clicking the link you sent me. Gosh she's precious!