Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June BarkBox #1 Has Arrived!!

So, we have two BarkBoxes coming this month!!! Britta and Elsa each get a box and originally Nick and I were looking forward to it because it will allow us to have identical toys for them which means less tug-o-war sessions over the current favorite thing when they're together.
Instead, we have two completely DIFFERENT boxes that are showing up!!! I'm not even upset by this... the treats are always fantastic and this means Nick and I can split the treats up and each puppy can have four to five types of treats instead of only two or three!
This also gives me a chance to gush about the treats and toys that come TWICE as much as originally planned. =)

First off, let me just talk about customer service. BarkBox has it down!! We received a discount for having two boxes coming to our household, last month a toy didn't show up and they immediately sent us another toy, and I received an email from one of the owners just checking to see how we were liking our subscription.
For those of you that aren't familiar, BarkBox donates 10% of its proceeds to a different rescue each month.
My referral link is: http://ruv.barkbox.com/x/s7oA7g... You get 10% off your subscription and I get a free box.

We buy the Medium box for both of the pups since Elsa and Britta are currently somewhere between 25&30 pounds. The beauty of the subscription is that once they need a Large box, we can switch up to that!
So, now on to what everyone is reading this page for: the goodies that came in our first box this month!

Le Petit Treat - Quiche Lorraine
Valued at 7.1 oz for $11.99 

Treats in general go over well with both Britta and Elsa. These are going to be especially useful for training.  The two girls adored these treats and the heart shape is absolutely adorable!

Bocce's Chicken Cordon Bleu
Valued at 8 oz for $9.50 

These smell so good I want to eat them myself!!  The pups apparently agree since they almost instantly wanted seconds. :)

This is a really good toy for Elsa. We are working on her becoming more interested in toys and building her prey drive some to help with her training.  This being both a tug toy and a ball, it's much more convenient for trips to the park!  I'm hoping it holds up better to her chewing than other rope toys we have had.

Edit: she has chewed on this constantly for the last three days and she hasn't broken any of the rope yet! This is a perfect toy for us!

I was so excited when I saw this toy in the set! Mom is big into French impressionism and language and I'm a fan of the Eiffel tower and Monet myself. I'm really glad this came in Elsa's box because I think mom will get a kick out of it. Elsa is going to love anything I dangle in her face to play with, so I tend to get excited when I find something I like too. =) 
The best part? This toy has TWO SQUEAKERS IN IT!!

Edit: after only two days, this toy has a major hole in the bottom and a smaller one up top.  Elsa is a moderate chewer, at best.  It's adorable but NOT worth $12.


Overall Value ~$31
Six month subscription cost: $114 ($19/mo)
This box is definitely worth EVERY penny!

Stay tuned! The other BarkBox for this month should arrive in a couple of days!!  If the preview on my app is to be believed, it is a monkey theme. =) What items have you recieved in your BarkBox this month?

If you are curious about what comes in the small box, I recommend checking out My Subscription Addiction's BarkBox reviews!


  1. Hey we got the same box :) Thanks for the heads up on the Eiffel Tower toy. I was hesitant about giving it to my puppy because, puppy teeth!! Now I know to gift it to someone whose dogs aren't so chew-happy!

    1. I was so disappointed that such a posh toy couldn't hold up under her puppy teeth. Oh well! We have had such a blast!
      Thank you for reading! =) Let us all know how your puppy likes the rest of the box!

    2. I haven't given them the treats yet, but my little chewer LOVES the red ball! She won't even let her older brother have a go at it :( I hope you and your pup are enjoying the rest of the stuff :)