Friday, June 13, 2014

Working on "Stay"

This link is a very good start for working on stay:

If you have time, read up on all of the puppy101 lessons on the sidebar. I absolutely love their information!

After we got the basic stay down, we had to work on more intricate stay situations. Elsa has several situations where she can stay and several situations we are still working on.

Stay situations that are practically perfect:
- Anything under 5 minutes
- Waiting on food for less than 2 minutes
- Waiting on me to pour food into her bowl and leaving the room to reseal the food
- Waiting while mommy is eating for about 3 minutes
- Leaving the room and coming back within 30 seconds
- Any amount of time when I'm dancing around... I think it keeps Elsa entertained and she puts up with the sitting because of that.

Stay situations we are working on:
- Any of the above situations with longer stay times
- Toy distraction
- Food distractions
- Other people attempting commands
- Children as distractions
- The entire meal time (in down/stay... most of these situations are sit/stay)

I am interested in other situations people might think we will come up against that I should teach her? Thanks to everyone who is reading this!

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