Monday, June 16, 2014

IAADP Training Requirements: Weekly Training Overview June 9-15, 2014

Age: 16 weeks

Week of: June 9 - 15, 2014 - 7 hrs Total Hours(4 hrs on Site) + (1 hr Outings)

- I keep meaning to get fish oil tablets to put with her kibble so she has a really healthy coat.  I need to do this ASAP!
- She didn't poop for about a day when we were visiting mom and dad, but a nice long walk with dad fixed that!
- She no longer is showing any signs of being unhappy with the bath.

- Still peeing inside some.  Vet's visit on the 23rd should give some answers.  It's not as bad as it was, so I believe it is going away.
- Nipping some when excited.  Corrective measures are in place.  No true concern unless she hits a year and it is still going.
- Sunday PetDepot (in Cullman)

- Monday Elsa went to daycare for 10 hours!  They are helping her learn not to jump on people.  She came back exhausted, but healthy.  We slept all night and she cuddled with me the entire time.  I wish we had the money for her to go more often.  This would have been helpful on Friday as well!
- Tuesday daddy took her and Britta walking.
- Wednesday we went to Greensprings Dog Park with Daddy and Britta
- Thursday we walked to Rushton park. Elsa wore her backpack there and I carried it back. It seemed like a good balance.
- Friday it was raining and I slept a good 15 hours straight.  We didn't do anything.
- Saturday morning we visited Hoover's dog park.  We played for a long time until one dog showed up.  We met her and left about twenty minutes later.
- Saturday afternoon we visited a friend and her three children.  Elsa jumped a bit much for my taste, but it was good to expose her.  I hope we are able to go more often!
- Saturday afternoon we went up to Cullman to visit my family (yay father's day!).  Mom and I took her to the park there in town.  We walked a bit and she played in the dog park.  They have a pool!!!  There was no other dog there.  She had a blast having the run of the place.  Mom enjoyed playing with her on the agility equipment.
- Sunday she went to PetDepot with me.  We bought her an antler and she was fascinated by the mice.  I think her prey drive is starting to get stronger!  Side note: I'm absolutely amazed how thrilled she is with this antler!

- We worked on a figure eight command.
- Stay was the main focus this week... learning to stay while I toss a ball and while other things are happening.
- Biking commands are being practiced. Wednesday was her first time riding with me (in the parking lot) and it went really well!!
- Sit/stay while someone pets
- Leave it is another focus... She usually will leave something alone, but not always on my first command.

Service Dog Tasks: 
- She naturally looks to press on my chest when I begin to get too panicky. This week we have been adding the command to go with it.

- She is still really jumpy and nips too much for my taste..

Comments:This was a rough week for me.  I didn't work with her on commands as fully as I should have.  I forgot about the PetCo puppy socialization and stayed in Cullman too long.  It worked out okay though.  Basic obedience is getting stronger and missing a couple of things one week isn't going to destroy her training.
She turns four months this coming Monday!!  April 16. =)

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