Sunday, June 29, 2014

IAADP Training Requirements: Weekly Training Overview

Age: 4 months
Week of: June 23-29, 2014 -  hrs Total Hours (? hrs on Site) + (? hrs Outings)
- Bath Sunday night was as uneventful as always.  So thrilled she behaves for this sort of thing!
- Vet visit on Monday went well. She loves our vet.  It's fantastic.  She got her last round of puppy shots and we discussed spaying.  He says we are six to eight weeks out from a spay based on her teeth development.
- Heart-worm preventative was given on Wednesday.

- Talked with the vet about the peeing problem.  He stated this was very similar to how young dogs will sometimes just eat until they get sick.  Now I am rationing her water at home and the peeing has just about gone away.
- She is still mouthing a LOT!  Holding out hope that I am doing the right things and that she is just teething severely.

- Oma and Opa took us to Joe Wheeler state park!  We stayed two nights.  Elsa is getting really good at traveling in the vehicle.  While we were there, we walked and played a lot.  She got used to being walked by Oma and Opa, which will be helpful for the CGC test.  She loves going with Opa because he walks a lot further than I care to and wants to run quite a bit.
- Friday India came!
- Saturday we packed up with India, Daddy, and Britta and headed to Huntsville.  There is a Dr. Who convention that we are attending!  They met Peppy and J.J. (daddy's family dogs).
- We got out at the Cullman dog park on the way to Huntsville and Elsa and Britta ran around for a bit.
- Nick's family has a pool.  Elsa and I worked on swimming.  She did well with the water, though it obviously bothered her to not be able to touch the bottom
- We also worked in South Huntsville's Petsmart for awhile.

- I am in SO MUCH PAIN with this earache!  However, there isn't a lot I can do about it.  Didn't really keep up with anything.  Hopefully these eardrops will put me back right.

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