Thursday, June 19, 2014

June BarkBox #2 is Here!

So, here we are, a few days later, with a whole new BarkBox to brag about!

For anyone who missed it, the first barkbox that came this month was a HUGE hit with the pups!  It was technically Elsa's box, even though we share the treats equally.

My referral link is: You get 10% off your subscription and I get a free box.  

We currently subscribe for two Medium boxes since Elsa and Britta are about 25-30 pounds each.  There are three sizes and once the pups are a bit bigger, we will be subscribing to the Large box!

Now, for the goodies in Britta's box!

R2P Silly Bums Monkey Butt (could not find direct link)
Valued at: $10

This toy has a squeaker and crinkle material. It's ridiculous and funny and who couldn't love it?! I get the feeling I may be buying one for Elsa as well.

Tree Frog
Valued at: $10

This toy is so cute!  It specifically has a warning on it that says "not meant as a chew toy". I'm not even sure what to do with it if they can't chew on it. Somehow, no one is really interested in this frog. So the warning doesn't really matter for us!  I'm not comfortable donating it, so I guess we will just leave it around for supervised playtime. 

Banana Chips
Valued at: $8

These banana chips are toasted in coconut oil. Britta wasn't sure about them at first, but now she really likes them. As usual, Elsa just about eats anything and loved these. 

Primal Freeze Dried Beef Pieces
Valued at: $9

These freeze dried liver beef pieces are a HIT!

Overall value: $37... DEFINITELY worth it. =)

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