Sunday, June 22, 2014

IAADP Training Requirements: Weekly Training Overview

Age: 4 Months
Week of: 06/16-06/22/2014
7 Total Hours (5 hrs on Site) + (2 hrs Outings)
There is a lot of random peeing going on.  We will be talking to the doctor next Monday about that.
The biting is getting frustrating, but I also realize that as long as I continue correcting appropriately, that issue will go away in a few more months.
- Tuesday we walked to Rushton Park and played with our new BarkBox items.  Daddy helped me get some shots of the items. =) 
- Tuesday evening while I worked, daddy took Elsa and Britta to a friend's house to play with their dogs.
- Thursday morning we walked to Rhodes Park to take photos of the OTHER BarkBox that came in.

- Strengthening stay
- Focusing on me outside while dealing with distractions
Service Dog Tasks: 
- Worked on staying longer in my lap... she doesn't understand the lap up command yet, but hopefully that will come quickly.
- Worked on identifying the light-switch.  This is a laser game that every time she follows the laser to the lightswitch, she gets a treat.

- Working on nipping... especially when over excited

- Going to buy a plank and PVC pipe.  Want to make a couple of teeters to work on the seesaw part of agility.  We aren't looking to train professionally, just keep things light and interesting.
- I'm not going to post these updates on reddit anymore.  I didn't get any real feedback, just being told to stop training my dog as hard as I am.  I think people are misreading what I'm doing as hardcore training.  Elsa is only four months old.  She has no business going through rigorous training.  However, once a day one of her meals is earned by her tricks.  She also plays games with me that will later turn into task-related skills.  Any agility we do is purely play and just getting used to the strange pieces of equipment.  Thanks to my 12-hour shift schedule, I can spend a lot of time play-training.  I think it comes off as a lot more rigorous in my blog posts than I ever mean.
- I haven't done much this week.  I've been feeling bad and have developed an earache nearer to the end of the week.

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